GPL Plugins introduction

Welcome visitor on our website . Here you can find mostly Woothemes plugins at discounted prices. We can offer such plugins because all the Woothemes plugins are under  the GPL licensing system.

Being licences as GPL , there is the possibility to sell them at any price. In fact , the price that you pay when you buy a plugins from the original website of is the support you are paying and not the price of the plugins.

How come can you sell Woothemes Plugins at such discounted price

Being that their plugins are easy to be installed , configured and used , we thought … why not just sell the Woothemes plugins and not the support . Most of us are already familiar with Woocommerce or its plugins so not many users needs to pay for something they will not need .

What if i need help with any Woothemes Plugins

Should you need help : Woothemes co-worker that can help you should you need help .

What exactly do i get from when i purchase ?

You will get an exact copy of the plugins or themes that we sell . In fact we have downloaded those plugins from website as normal user . Yes we have paid once for them because we support them and their work , but having a simple commerce website by paying the full price of every plugins it goes quickly around 2000 – 3000 USD .

What about the support and updates ?

We will do our best to get the new updated from as soon as they are released and publish them on . You will receive an email when an update is available .

Aside GPL Plugins is there anything else you offer ?

We currently do offer also the Gravity Forms and its plugins. We get the plugins directly from Gravity forms website ( Gravity Forms ) , in the future we will add themes and other plugins from Woothemes , Gravity Forms addons and so on