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WooCommerce German Market

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Product Description

WooCommerce German Market

You want a shop for Germany and Austria? WooCommerce German Market – extend the popular shop Plugin WooCommerce, so that you can use it with more legal security

This Plugin extend the popular shop Plugin WooCommerce, so that you can use your WooCommerce for the German and Austrian market.

WooCommerce German Extension configures WooCommerce automatically for the German and Austrian Market, it adds necessary functionality for B2C shops. WooCommerce German Extension displays the product prices correctly, provides the requested text and pages of privacy policy and refund & returns. But numerous other features are included in German Extension WooCommerce.

It includes templates for Terms and Conditions, Ordering, Privacy, Legal, Shipping, Returns, Austria Returns, Payments, which can be directly applied during installation.


Templates for mandatory pages for an online shop
Order Summary page, where all data is displayed before passing an order.
Shipping information displayed next to prices
Delivery times for products
Cancellation period is configurable
Default settings for Germany (language, tax rates, measures, weights and decimal, etc. …)
Alternative installation of the Austrian Revocation
Definining prices per unit for each product
Delivery time global or per product, btw. no delivery time will be displayed for downloadable products
Special Cash on Delivery Plugin, which also takes in the calculation of delivery charges (which replaced the supplied plug-WoooCommerce Cash on Delivery)

Global Settings

After installing and configuring WooCommerce and WooCommerce German Extension, you find in the menu sidebar under Woocommerce Menü -> Settings -> Settings DE Tab. There you can configure all global settings for WooCommerce German Extension. If you already created some pages, like Imprint, you can assign them here.


Under Products -> Attributes -> Units you can change or expand the default units. These will be used as input for price per unit, which is discussed later in this document

Delivery Time

Under tab Delivery Time below each product, you can define which delivery time the product has, or if the global settings in Settings DE should be used. If there is no delivery of the product, you can define a text that will be displayed on the website.

Shipping Options

In the tab Shipping Options under each product you can define whether the shipping fee to be displayed or not (eg: for downloads, which will be delivered immediately).

Price per Unit

In the tab Price per Unit under each product you can define the price per unit. This is not included in the calculation and is only for display on the product pages.

First install WooCommerce
Install the default pages for WooCommerce (Please follow the installation routine of WooCommerce)
Now you can install WooCommerce German Market Extension:

Unpack the ZIP-archive
Download it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation on your webserver
Activate the Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and press ‘activate’
Follow the instructions on the screen
After a while you should see the following message:

Finally, check all the pages created by sites such as Conditions, Ordering, Privacy, Legal, Shipping, revocation respectively the Austrian revocation and accurately complete payment, and your personal information.

Please note that we can not take any responsibility for legal certainty.



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