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Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing

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Product Description

Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing gives you a powerful system for creating four different types of bulk discounts and price adjustments. The add-on has been designed to give store owners flexibility in controlling prices that no other eCommerce solution offers:

Dynamic Pricing 2 has 7 modes available for creating and applying pricing rules for your store.

Advanced Product Pricing – Bulk
Advanced Product Pricing – Special Offer
Advanced Category Pricing – Bulk
Advanced Category Pricing – Special Offer
Simple Category Pricing
Simple Membership Pricing
Order Total Based Pricing
Simple Membership and Simple Category Pricing rules are applied to all items in the store regardless of any quantity the user is purchasing. The pricing rule is applied when the item is in the correct category or when the user is in the correct role and the price discounted price is displayed on the catalog and single product pages. These types of discounts are useful if all members of a particular role, or all items in a particular category should have a price adjustment applied.

Bulk Advanced Product and Bulk Advanced Category Pricing rules are based on the quantities of a category or product in the cart and can dynamically be configured using a table based configuration. Category discounts now include an option to determine the total quantity of categories, based on the individual cart line item, or the entire sum of the category in the cart.

Special Offer Advanced Product and Special Offer Advanced Category pricing rules are designed to allow you to easily configure buy X receive Y at a discount. The rules can be configured as repeating rules, example: buy one get one free can repeat to allow buy two get two free, or can be configured to apply only one time.

Dynamic Pricing supports 0 based minimum quantities for Advanced Product Rules. This is useful if you want to display discounts based on an advanced product rule before the product is added to the cart. While dynamic pricing has always supported basic membership and category rules that would show the discounted price in the catalog, the new 0 based rules allow you to configure individual products with discounts that will then be displayed in the catalog prior to adding an item to the cart. An example use case for this is to setup discounts for specific products based on membership criteria.

Dynamic Pricing also supports cumulative rule processing via a configurable filter. When dynamic pricing processes the discount rules to apply, it will first check if the item is discounted by some other rule. If the item has already been discounted, a filter will be called allowing you to configure the cumulative nature of the processing. If you choose, you can have dynamic pricing either stop processing and only apply the discounts applied prior, or allowing dynamic pricing to continue processing the cumulative discount. A useful example is to give Members 10% off all items in your catalog, and an additional 50% a special item for members. This is just one use case, however with this new functionality, more powerful and easier to configure discount situations are possible.

Configure special offer discounts for individual products in your store by selecting how many must be purchased at full price, and how many will be given at a specific discount. Great for creating buy one get one special offers, or for giving discounts on one or more products when other products have been purchased. Rules can be built using a table based list of quantities and discounts, or can be set as repeating. Repeating rules allow you to create a rule, such as buy one get one free, that will repeat based on the quantities available. Non-repeating rules will only be applied once, regardless of quantity. Optionally choose the roles the rule will apply to.


Buy one item get one item for free.
Purchase any 2 t-shirts at full price, receive a third at 50% off.
Purchase any 2 pieces of artwork, receive one frame for free.
Purchase 2 or more items from a category, receive exactly one item at 50% off.



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